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[Infographic] The Evolution of D7


D7 is a patented chemical disinfectant, sanitizer, and cleaning solution that’s currently used in the food and biosecurity industries, but it wasn’t invented with those applications in mind. Like so many other products that were born from tragedy—vulcanized rubber shoe soles, the wind-up radio, and the airbag, to name a few—D7 was invented in response to a Japanese terror incident. 

Dr. Mark Tucker, a key member of the team at Sandia National Laboratories that developed the technology behind D7, shared his insights about the history of the product and its potential in different types of industries. In this infographic, you can learn more about the technology behind D7, the industries in which it can be applied, and the benefits it provides. You’ll also see specific use cases for each industry and the other decontamination products you can replace with D7. 


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