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Product Feature: Electric Mixing Station


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D7 consists of a three-part formulation that must be accurately mixed before application. Because D7 can be applied in multiple ways—spray, foam, fog, and soak—many companies find it useful to have a dedicated mixer that allows them to dispense the mixed product directly into their applicator of choice. This approach offers flexibility for the many ways D7 can be used in a facility.

Electric Mixing Station Overview

The electric mixing station is a three-chemical proportioner designed to fill containers with strong solutions. It is designed for facilities with low or fluctuating water pressure, as it features a stainless steel enclosure with an electric pump to draw water from a static tank.

The proportioning system uses the electric pump to draw the first product from its container and provide the fluid pressure for a venturi injector, which draws in the remaining two components. This pressurized water flows through the venturi injector, drawing and blending a high concentration of chemicals into the water stream to create the desired dilution ratio. 

Ball valves in the mixer are used to switch between chemicals, and the draw rates for the second and third chemicals are controlled by metering tips. When the correct ratio is combined, the solution is thoroughly mixed and dispensed through an open flow hose. The finished product can be dispensed into any desired container, including foamers, foggers, and sprayers. 

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Electric Mixing Station Benefits

The electric mixing station conveniently blends a single, ready-to-use solution using three liquids. This system is customizable and allows for a wide range of mix ratios, meaning it can be used for many different products. In addition, a flow rate of just over one gallon per minute provides efficient mixing and dispensing, and ball valve activation allows for hands-free dispensing.

Both employees and companies benefit from the mixing station because it improves efficiency and safety. With manual mixing no longer required, employees save time and can multitask while chemicals are being mixed. And because the mix ratio is correct every time, the mixer optimizes chemical utilization and eliminates product waste.

When employees use the mixer, chemicals are drawn directly from user-supplied containers. With no chemical transfer required, the risk of product waste or accidental exposure is reduced. The chemical solution is also automatically mixed in a closed container, contributing to overall employee safety. 

The components and materials used in the electric mixing station are designed to hold up in tough industrial environments. However, pumps are mounted on a Lafferty quick-release, stainless-steel bracket, making them easy to replace when maintenance is required.

Why Equipment Matters 

No matter what chemicals you use for cleaning and disinfecting, they must be properly applied to achieve maximum efficacy. This includes mixing at the appropriate ratios, using the mixed product within a certain amount of time, leaving the product on surfaces for the recommended contact time, and using a potable water rinse when required.

The more automation you can incorporate into your disinfection processes, the better those processes will be for both individual employees and overall operations. Accurate mixing eliminates guesswork for employees, ensuring that the product will consistently work as intended. Additionally, reducing the labor required for mixing improves efficiency and decreases production downtime, and accurate mixing and application decreases product waste and saves money.

Support Your Team with Effective Products and Equipment

When your team has the right equipment for the job, they are more likely to do it well. By incorporating products that make it easier to maintain disinfection standards—such as an electric mixing station—you can feel confident that your employees have what they need to succeed.  

The electric mixing station is just one example of a Decon7 product that can reduce waste, improve efficiency, and save money. Check out The Decon7 Product Overview Guide for more time-saving, cost-efficient products. 

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