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Welcome Our New CFO Brantley Walch


Welcome Brantley Walch as Decon7 CFOAs Decon7 has rapidly expanded over the last couple years, our operational needs have also evolved. We’re excited to welcome our new Chief Financial Officer Brantley Walch aboard to continue steering us in the right fiscal direction. 

Walch’s Industry Expertise

With more than 20 years of finance accounting experience under his belt, the last eight of which have been in a CFO role, Brantley is perfectly positioned to lead Decon7 to continued growth. He brings a diverse background in manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and contract manufacturing for small- and medium-sized companies. Brantley has also demonstrated expertise in financial leadership in the fields of business process solutions, IT, and energy. He was responsible for growing revenue for one startup more than 100 times in just seven years. 

His passion for helping young companies grow and quickly scale is exactly what Decon7 needs at this stage. In addition to improving financial performance and processes, Brantley enjoys participating in process improvement in all areas of the business. Although his broad resume has brought him to large public firms, small private companies, and everything in between, his preference for helping small companies grow makes him the perfect fit for Decon7. 

Brantley’s Role at Decon7

As CFO, Brantley’s role will initially focus on professionalizing internal accounting systems as Decon7 prepares for further growth, allowing us to take the company to the next level. With prior experience doing this for other companies, Brantley is able to hit the ground running to implement and improve processes related to budgeting and forecasting, capital planning, building partnerships, insurance, tax planning, and risk mitigation. He is a servant-hearted leader and strategic thinker, but he also enjoys the hands-on details of this type of work. His keen eye for cost allocation and skill at driving efficiencies will help keep us on track financially as we continue to expand. 

Walch’s Draw to Decon7

Brantley has such a varied and deep resume, and he knows what he wants in a company. He was attracted to the “all-hands-on-deck” culture at Decon7 in which every employee contributes to the success of the business. This entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged people at every level to participate in propelling the company forward. 

Brantley is also optimistic about the future of Decon7 and the desire for a young, growing company to become the industry standard. The company has strong leadership, a clear vision, commitment to innovation, and a team that believes wholeheartedly in Decon7 products, so he believes this goal is truly obtainable. 

As our new CFO, Brantley is mostly looking forward to solidifying the financial function and bringing a new perspective to the company. By identifying new opportunities and thinking outside the box, he is confident that his prior experience with rapid and thoughtful growth will bear fruit at Decon7.  

Decon7’s Industry Challenges

Although he is new to the disinfection industry, Brantley recognizes the challenges surrounding EPA regulations and how best to navigate them. Adding new label claims requires testing to prove efficacy, and the potential applications for Decon7 products are immeasurable. In his role, he can help implement business processes and risk mitigation that will allow the company to prioritize the rollout of new products and plan efficiently. 

Brantley also recognizes the new opportunities as COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the disinfection industry. The ongoing need for facilities to use safe and effective products presents a significant opportunity for the company.   

What Makes Decon7 Different

Though Decon7 is a relatively young company, Brantley recognizes that we have done an excellent job of putting a great team in place. Our product has nearly unlimited potential and a passionate team, and Walch is excited to work with a new brand that is poised for success. 

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