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Welcome Dr. Phil Coffman, Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs


_Decon7 Dr Phil Coffman

The Decon7 team is growing as we expand production, grow the product line, and secure more regulatory certifications. The latest addition is Dr. Phil Coffman, who joins us in the role of Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. 

Industry Experience and Expertise

Dr. Phil Coffman’s love of science started early, and attended a high school with dual credit science classes. With a BS, MS and Ph.D. in chemistry, he has worked in science and engineering for his entire career. Phil got started in the semiconductor industry with Hewlett Packard, then went on to work for Texas Instruments. Other roles included working thermal imaging and LEDs.  

He most recently worked with a chemical company where he established and maintained the quality system and was responsible for regulatory compliance assignments for EPA, FDA and OSHA. Phil handled ISO 9001 certification and auditing of all six locations, from R&D through distribution,  In his career, he has contributed to the development of new products, has nine patents, and has written industry white papers.

He is a certified quality lead auditor for ISO 9001, a member of the International Society of Weights and Measures, and a reviewer for the National Science Foundation. Dr. Coffman has enjoyed inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers by participating in science outreach for grade schools through colleges and helping with demonstrations to student groups.

His Role at Decon7

As Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Phil will be focusing his time on regulatory work and quality systems. He will be helping support international registrations and maintaining existing certifications, which is no small task because every state has its own requirements.

The Draw to Decon7

Public health was one of the primary reasons Dr. Coffman was attracted to Decon7. He views the company as a leader in terms of technology and efficacy and recognizes that these products are needed now more than ever. 

Challenges in Quality and Regulatory Affairs

A major challenge is that EPA-registered disinfectants are highly regulated. Although this is certainly a positive feature of the industry in order to protect public health, it means that compliance requires a lot of steps, and Decon7 is careful to closely follow all applicable requirements.

What Makes Decon7 Different? 

Phil sees D7 as a very powerful and versatile product. It can be applied in multiple ways (foam, spray, fog, and soak), and used in a broad range of industries from public facilities to doctors’ offices. The hand sanitizer is one of the best formulations on the market, with a 99.9999 percent* efficacy (use per label instructions) that outperforms many well-known brands.

Goals for the New Role 

Dr. Coffman’s goals are to support new product registration initiatives and to ensure continuing quality across all of Decon7’s product lines.

To learn more about how you can use D7, an EPA-registered disinfectant in your facility, read The Decon7 Guide to Coronavirus Disinfection in Commercial, Industrial, and Public Facilities.

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