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Q&A with Emergency Decon Services


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The co-founders of Emergency Decon Services (EDS) started the business with the intention of providing products and services for decontaminating fire turnout gear, apparatus, SCBA, tools, and equipment. As long-time firefighters, they were well aware of the health risks related to exposure to carcinogens and they wanted to offer solutions. After researching various products available on the market, the owners chose Decon7 products because of their low toxicity, ability to neutralize chemical contaminants using mild ingredients, and low material incompatibility. They also discovered that Decon7 products are effective against biological agents including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

We did a Q&A with the co-founders of EDS to learn more about how they use Decon7 products.

How Has Decon7 Systems Allowed You to Expand Your Business? 

The discovery that Decon7 products are so versatile has allowed EDS to expand its focus beyond fire services to include decontamination and disinfection services for:

    • Emergency medical services for biological contaminants
    • Law enforcement for biological, chemical, and narcotic contaminants 
    • Healthcare for biological and narcotic contaminants 
    • Future opportunities with other agencies

EDS now offers products, services, and training to make agencies more self-sufficient on a regular basis and less reliant on service providers. The company can now sell its customers mobile decontamination and disinfection systems, install them, and train all users before the system is deployed. 

EDS also offers unlimited hands-on training and a comprehensive training manual to all of its customers. After training with EDS, organizations can perform decontamination and disinfection protocols themselves, which allows them to perform more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Learn how this company was able to leverage the power of Decon7 products to  help minimize toxic exposures and promote a safe and healthy work environment.  Download the Case Study >>

What Are Your Customers Saying About Decon7 Products?

The products are so easy to apply that most people learn how to do it after just one training session Feedback has been very positive, especially compared to other products they have used. In fact, EDS hasn’t received any negative feedback about Decon7 products or services.

The equipment is also comparatively affordable—just a few hundred dollars compared to thousands—so EDS customers can spend their budgets on the product instead of the tools needed to apply it. Additionally, not a lot of product is needed to be effective, which helps them save on reordering. EDS also ensures that training covers that there is no need to over-apply the products, further helping customers save money.

EDS customers are finding new ways to use Decon7 products after experiencing success with the applications they originally got the products for. Some have made their own YouTube videos about it, because they are so excited about the effectiveness and ease of use of this solution.

Do You Have Specific Examples of How Your Customers Have Used Decon7 Products?

Agencies in Suffolk County have successfully used Decon7 products to operate more efficiently. For example, one EMS agency transported two COVID-19 patients and needed to do emergency disinfection in the affected vehicles. Because they had the appropriate training and products on hand, the staff was able to disinfect the rigs right away and return them to service.

The Suffolk County Police Department has also been trained by EDS how to use Decon7 products in response to potential COVID-19 contamination. It maintains a kit at headquarters and can quickly react when vehicles, patrol cars, buses, and jail facilities need to be disinfected.

In general, many customers are discovering that they can use Decon7 products for a range of applications, including laundry, mopping, surface cleaning, and more. Because of this versatility, they are replacing other products with just one.

How Does the Future Look?

EDS was recently awarded a bid with Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services that includes providing:

    • A range of Decon7 products and equipment
    • Decontamination and disinfection kits and training 
    • Equipment decontamination services
    • Gear cleaning and inspection services

People that have invested in EDS and Decon7 products know they can use it beyond just COVID-19 or influenza. They can also use it for bacteria, bloodborne pathogens, narcotics, and toxic chemicals.* D7 does it all and that’s what really excites people. 

The company is looking forward to growth as EDS customers act as advocates and provide referrals to new potential customers. The two organizations have been working closely together from the beginning and the co-founders believe EDS wouldn’t be where it is today without the ongoing commitment and support from Decon7 Systems.

Work with EDS and Decon7 Products

If you represent an agency in Suffolk County and would like to learn about or use Decon7 products or work with EDS for services and training, reference contract #PDSS120720 in the drop down option HERE.  You can also contact EDS to learn more or get a live demonstration. 

*see label for specific use instructions

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