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Featured Product: Timed Entryway Foamer



One key to reducing the risk of contamination in a facility is preventing pathogens from entering in the first place. Entryways and transitions between zones are critical areas for bacteria and other unwanted pathogens to enter. People walking into sanitized areas can bring bacteria in on their shoes, and equipment wheels can also spread pathogens as they move around a facility. Using a timed entryway sanitizer in addition to other sanitation best practices can help keep your facility outbreak-free.

Timed Entryway Sanitizer Overview

EQUIP-LE180906-D7-Triple-Pick-Up-Timed-Entryway-Foamer-all-entryway-1The timed entryway sanitizer is an automated foam applicator that projects sanitizing foam onto the floors of various sized doorways at entry/exit points and in transition zones. It uses city water pressure and compressed air to create a rich, clinging foam that effectively covers the entire area to sanitize footwear or equipment passing through. The dispenser blends chemicals into the water stream at the right concentration, and the timer can be programmed to meet individual facility needs.

Timed Entryway Sanitizer Benefits

Although it’s possible to sanitize floors at entry points on a regular schedule, this requires manpower and a reliance on manual processes. Some of the benefits of using the timed entryway foamer include:

Reduces reliance on humans

Sanitation protocols that rely on people to manually sanitize footwear are subject to human error and compliance issues. The incorrect mix of chemicals could be applied, or the sanitation step could not happen at all. A timed foamer ensures that any person passing through the doorway walks through sanitizer and that the area is sanitized at regular intervals, regardless of personnel schedules and habits. 

Provides consistent sanitation

The timed foamer accurately mixes and dilutes the sanitizing chemicals every time. No humans are required to accurately measure sanitizing chemicals or add water to a concentrated solution. Just connect the foam dispenser to the water source, and pressurized air and the correct mix comes out every time. 

Reduces cross-contamination

With a timed foamer at every entrance point, pathogens are less likely to enter your facility on footwear or equipment wheels. This helps prevent cross-contamination because bacteria are less likely to move from zone to zone. FSQA managers have enough challenges trying to prevent the growth of foodborne pathogens on work surfaces and processing equipment. Why add another potential source of contamination from people and equipment moving around the facility?  

Provides a cost-effective sanitizing solution

The clinging foam stays on surfaces for a long period of time, reducing the number of applications required and ultimately saving money. Because the timed foamer accurately mixes and dilutes the sanitizing chemicals, you know that there is no waste from incorrect manual dilution. Preventive sanitizing also helps save money in the long run. It is more cost-effective than closing the facility for a deep clean because of cross-contamination, or worse, handling a recall or outbreak that affects consumers. 

Add the Timed Entryway Foamer to Your Sanitation Arsenal

The timed entryway sanitizer is just one of many products and methods that will help keep your facility free from outbreaks. Daily sanitation and periodic deep cleaning will also contribute to reducing the risk of contamination, along with other best practices such as regular training and a clear system for record keeping. Don’t wait for an outbreak from cross-contamination to happen. Be proactive and prevent it from happening in the first place. With a timed foamer, employees don’t even have to think about sanitizing footwear when they go between zones. It will be automatically done for them, protecting your facility and your brand. 

The timed entryway foamer is just one of many products that can help you keep your facility outbreak-free. The D7 Product Guide also includes other preventive sanitizing products, such as the foam cannon, wall-mounted mixer, pelletized floor treatment, and more.  

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