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Featured Product: D7-MPC-100 Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Neutral PH


One of the challenges of cleaning a facility is the various types of surfaces and equipment that must be treated. Whether you are cleaning wood, plastic, stainless steel, or other types of materials, you need a cleaner that is effective and will not cause damage when applied. Choosing a cleaner with a neutral pH is one way to ensure that a highly acidic or alkaline detergent won’t degrade surfaces. Although you might occasionally need a specialized cleaner for delicate equipment or unique materials, having a versatile multi-purpose cleaner on hand is a cost-effective way to maintain your facility. 


D7-MPC-100 Overview

D7-MPC-100 is a non-hazardous, pH neutral (pH 7.0-7.8), highly concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner. Available in 5 gallons, 15 gallons, or 55 gallons, the product is effective even at high dilutions, making it a cost-effective solution to a challenge every facility faces.

D7-MPC-100 Benefits

With countless cleaning chemicals available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. When making a decision, consider the benefits that D7-MPC-100 offers. 


The Safety Data Sheet shows that D7-MPC-100 is not a hazardous substance. The product is safe for personnel to apply without the need for respiratory protection, reducing the overall time to apply and potentially cutting PPE costs. Gloves are recommended for handling the concentrated solution, but otherwise, no special training is required to apply this product. D7-MPC-100 also prevents the spread of heavy metal contamination and is compatible with industrial wastewater treatments to recover heavy metal contamination prior to discharge.

Super concentrated

D7-MPC-100 comes as a highly concentrated solution that should be diluted before use. This allows you to make fewer purchases because you get more uses per container. It also reduces the amount of storage space required for cleaning products. The product is effective even when significantly diluted, so depending on the use, you can extend it even longer to get the most value.


The product is safe to use on a broad range of surface types and equipment. You can use D7-MPC-100 to clean walls, floors, ceilings, work surfaces, equipment, and utensils. Rather than relying on personnel to select cleaning chemicals that are compatible with each type of material, keep one on hand that can address them all. 

Neutral pH

When undiluted, the pH is 7.8, and a 10 percent solution has a neutral pH of 7.0. Using a product with neutral pH minimizes the risk of skin irritation, especially for employees who use the cleaner for long periods of time. Neutral pH products are also less likely to harm surfaces and equipment than cleaners that are acidic or alkaline, especially for rubber and plastic components. The product is readily biodegradable and not harmful to the environment.


Unlike with more dilute detergents, this product creates no need to buy, ship, and store water. It cleans effectively, even at high dilutions, providing an excellent value in cost per use. With less storage space required, more uses per container, and an overall lower cost per use, D7-MPC-100 is an excellent choice for a multi-purpose cleaning solution.


Your Purchasing Decisions Matter

If you’re looking for a neutral pH multi-purpose cleaner for your facility, consider D7-MPC-100. The highly concentrated formula is effective at high dilutions—providing good value—and you can also maximize storage space. In addition to the value it provides, you can be confident that the product will not be harmful to people, equipment, or the environment, making it a smart choice for your daily cleaning needs.

D7-MPC-100 is just one of many products offered by Decon7. Download the product guide and check out D7-MPC-100 and the other cleaners, sanitizers, and application equipment you can use in your facility.