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Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Earp


Decon7 Tiffany (1)

Tiffany Earp has been a Regulatory Compliance Scientist since June 2021, but she wears many hats at Decon7. We interviewed her to learn more about her professional and personal interests and what excites her about the future of her career at Decon7.

Experience Before Decon7

With a deep love of animals and a particular passion for horses, Tiffany went to school to become a vet and graduated with a degree in Animal Science. After some practical experience in the agriculture industry, she decided to stay with that career path. While working at a fertilizer company in Oregon, she was responsible for:

    • ISO implementation.
    • Internal and external auditing.
    • HR, quality, and safety standards. 
    • Regulatory compliance, including state certifications for fertilizers and pesticides.

Tiffany is both comfortable with and adept at playing multiple roles, which is one reason why her move to Texas was a win for both her and Decon7.

Role at Decon7

As a Regulatory Compliance Scientist, Tiffany is responsible for handling U.S. registrations and product label updates. She also occasionally reviews marketing claims to ensure they are in alignment with EPA product labels. Tiffany also enjoys working in the lab and assisting wherever needed. She knows the facility inside and out because she helped with the logistical requirements of setting up the lab.

Since joining Decon7, Tiffany has identified ways we could work more efficiently. She dove headfirst into developing a new project management system to help the team stay on track with deadlines and keep organized. This proactive approach is one of the many reasons she is a valuable addition to the team.

Primed for Growth

Tiffany was initially drawn to Decon7 because of our innovative solutions and atmosphere of growth. She is ready to not only grow in her role, but also help the company grow. With her varied skill set and positive, helpful attitude, Tiffany is always ready to fill gaps when needed, which is an essential attribute at a growing company. 

Some of the specific work Tiffany has done within her first year includes:

    • Processing state registrations to include the D7 fogging claim on new labels.
    • Updating information on the labels for D7 Part 1 and Part 2.
    • Providing the artwork for the sub-registration label and reducing the cost of outside design services.

As an avid animal lover, she is also excited about the new D7 claim for biofilm removal in animal drinking water lines. She has direct experience with her own horses, so she knows that farms and barns with automatic lines will benefit greatly from this application. 

Life at Decon7

One reason Tiffany enjoys working at Decon7 is the company’s flexibility and genuine commitment to work-life balance. With a young child and several horses to care for, Tiffany appreciates being able to adjust her schedule as needed. She is looking forward to settling into her new life in Texas and future growth at Decon7.