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Decon7 Is Now Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation


Decon7 Is Now Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation

Decon7 has been working hard to expand production in response to increased global demand for disinfectants due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to adding six new production facilities, we have also become kosher- and Halal-certified, allowing us to distribute products in even more countries.

Although increasing our capacity and getting new certifications related to coronavirus has required a lot of attention, we have also made time to participate in the NSF Nonfood Compound Registration Program. Food safety will always be an important issue, no matter what else is happening in the world, and we are committed to providing sanitizing and disinfecting products that meet rigorous industry standards. 

What Is a Nonfood Compound?

Nonfood compounds encompass all of the products used in food processing areas that don’t regularly come into contact with food, but have the potential to cause contamination. This includes products such as lubricants, cleaners, sanitizers, chemicals, and so on. Because they could come into contact with food, they must be proven to be safe. Choosing registered nonfood compounds helps food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) managers ensure that the products used at every step during food processing meet minimum safety and quality standards.

The NSF Nonfood Compound Registration Program

Formerly under the purview of USDA, NSF International has assumed responsibility for nonfood compounds. The organization provides an independent, third-party review that evaluates nonfood compounds for use in food processing environments. The registration process includes:

        • Formulation review to ensure the product meets 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) requirements
        • Label review to prevent misleading claims and ensure that end-use instructions are included
        • Production facility audit and risk assessment
        • Traceability to ensure that registered products can be linked to the manufacturer
        • Product testing performed by NSF

Once registered, products are included in NSF’s White Book, an interactive database that allows manufacturers to select nonfood compounds that have been deemed acceptable for use in food processing environments. 

Why NSF Food Safety Certification Is Important?

Participation in this program allows Decon7 to expand our business across multiple industries and meet the needs of our food processing customers for risk reduction practices. By registering them as nonfood compounds, we demonstrate the safety and quality of our products. The ability to use the globally recognized NSF mark and appear in the NSF White Book creates new market potential and shows our commitment to providing products that support HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) requirements

For food processors, using an NSF-registered product provides peace of mind that if it comes into contact with food, there is no increased safety risk to consumers.  

Proactive Measures Pay Off

The HACCP approach is all about risk mitigation and being proactive to prevent food contamination issues from occurring in the first place. Using NSF-registered nonfood compounds is an important way to reduce risk that all FSQA managers should adopt. When used as directed, D7 effectively sanitizes surfaces in food processing environments to bring the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms to acceptable levels. This not only keeps employees and consumers safe, but it also protects brands by reducing the risk of outbreaks and recalls. If you’d like to learn more about D7 products and how they are used, check out the Decon7 Product Guide

FSQA managers are used to assessing the efficacy and safety of disinfecting products, but the average consumer doesn't have that same level of experience. With so many people—facility managers, school custodians, office cleaners, and so on—now tasked with surface disinfection in public spaces, it can be difficult to discern which products are most appropriate. If you have questions about disinfecting surfaces to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, get in touch with our team today.   


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